Creator of The Tidbit Releases “The Time Capsule Journal”

Once featured as a prominent woman in journalism by Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global, journalist and editor, Taylor Leddin, releases her first book inspired by a creative process that she has been honing for nearly a decade. The Time Capsule Journal is a completely original workbook created by Leddin, which is based on an activity she developed in high school. The workbook, described as “a creative journal for now and later”, allows an individual to answer prompts in the present. Then, after completing all “present prompts” the individual will place the workbook out of sight for a year (or more as Leddin recommends) and then answers “future prompts”. The purpose of this journal is to see how you grow over time and serves as a way to merge your present and past selves.

The idea came to Leddin at the age of 17, when she turned a standard journal into a time capsule of what was happening in her life at the time. Upon her high school graduation, Leddin placed the journal into a shoebox and has not looked at it since. She will open 10 years from that date on her 28th birthday to see how she has grown over the last decade. “I love the concept of creating something for my future-self to enjoy,” says Leddin. “More than something to look forward to, it encourages accountability as I wrote lists of goals to accomplish within that 10-year time frame.”

Leddin’s work has appeared in national publications, such as: The American Genius, Fan Fest, and The Roosevelts. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of her own online publication, The Tidbit – an entertainment and lifestyle site that features interviews Leddin has conducted with the likes of Tony Danza and Melora Hardin.

Though Leddin is no stranger to being published in print, The Time Capsule Journal is her first self-published work. This interactive journal makes for the perfect gift – for yourself or a friend. For more information on Taylor Leddin, visit: and to order a copy of The Time Capsule Journal, visit Amazon.


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