John Travolta Dances Into Hearts of Fans at Wizard World Chicago

In only his second convention appearance, John Travolta popped into Rosemont for a day at Wizard World Chicago. The film icon – dressed in a denim jacket and black jeans – was jovial and humble, enjoying hearing the stories from fans that traveled far and wide to meet him.

“The feelings I get from each person feeds me love and care, and I really get it. And it’s like, wow, this person I’m meeting feels deeply about some movie I’ve done, or all the movies, or just me personally, whatever it is collectively. But it just becomes this mosaic of love and I really, really dig it,” Travolta said about his fans during a panel session.

The moderator naturally inquired – as many likely do – whether or not the song-and-dance man remembers the choreography of his iconic films. As if no time had passed, Travolta got up and gave fans a brief dance-through-history as he performed snippets of dances from Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Pulp Fiction. He then mentioned his recent cameo in a Pitbull music video (coming soon) where he did some salsa dancing. “[I was] so happy to dance again,” he said. “I have so much fun.”

Travolta also touched on his new film, The Fanatic, in which he plays a man who becomes disturbingly obsessed with his favorite movie star (played by Devon Sawa). This begged the question of Travolta having had any “unique” fan encounters. He said his biggest fan legally changed her last name to Travolta and the two have been pals for decades. He also mentioned a girl who had gotten into his house and hid in the closet; years later a similar experience happened when a man walked into the Travolta household during a family dinner. The latter two experiences didn’t seem to upset the actor, as he ended that part of the conversation by acknowledging that he understands what it means to be a fan. “I mean, I get it. I really get it.”

The conversation then turned to his storied career, filled with a plethora of memorable and unique characters, all of which mean something different to Travolta. When asked how he goes about selecting his roles, he explained they have to be different than what he’s done before. “Or, I’ve found something different in them,” he explained. “I look for the colors of difference.” He then explained that while his characters in Pulp Fiction and Get Shorty were somewhat similar on a surface level, he found something different in them that allowed him to portray them as distinctive personalities. “[The audience] gives you permission to do whatever you want, as long as you do it well,” he stated.

The Fanatic releases this Friday, and Travolta is now on Facebook and Instagram (he discussed how he’s enjoyed having that connectivity to fans).

[Editor’s note: The featured photo is of Travolta and Tidbit Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Leddin, taken on-site at Wizard World Chicago.]



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