Creating a unique bridesmaid proposal gift

While I’ve had many special birthdays in my 27 years, this past one is one I’ll certainly never forget. I got engaged to my best friend.

After getting past the initial shock, I immediately put into action something I’ve been excited about for years which is “proposing” to my bridal party. Because I have so many incredible ladies (and an incredible gent) in my life, I had to make the proposals special.

Because each person is unique, I had to make each proposal gift unique. (But, because they were cute, I did include stemless champagne glasses that say “bride squad” in each bag.)

For my matron of honor – my sister, Nikki – I (of course) wanted to give her something I knew she’d like, but also something that’s as beautiful as she is. The Cornet Barcelona’s ‘Sagrada’ stemless wine glass was the answer. The glass is beautifully designed and resembles stained glass.

For my oldest friend, Maddie, I gave her something practical – equipped with a pun, because we don’t know how to communicate with each other without humor.

Much like myself, she’s a fan of trying new products. I gave her the Aveline beauty bundle with a card that said “Shave the date! Will you be my bridesmaid?”

The box includes a salt & sugar body scrub, Shea butter shave cream, botanical body lotion and a razor with a refill pack.

A few of the bags have yet to be dispersed, so stay tuned.

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