TheraBox turns 4 & continues to impress

You may remember my TheraBox review from last summer where I talked about how the greatness of the collection of self-care items. This year’s 4th Anniversary Box did not disappoint. Below is a rundown of what came in the box and how it all works.

Each box has over $120+ worth of self-care goodies, and boxes start at just $35. Check out the Happy Shoppe for some great individual items. Interested in trying it? Use this coupon code for 10% off: TAYLOR10

TheraBox 4th anniversary box. (Photos by Taylor Leddin)
Melted Honey Silk Lotion

Melted Honey Silk Lotion by Ginger and Honey – The scrub’s scent was lovely, but not overwhelming (similar to the scent of honey). When I rubbed it together in my hands, it looked like vanilla frosting with crystallized sugar. It was difficult not to give it a taste. Anyway, I used it in the shower after washing up and it left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It was a bit hard to squeeze out of the bottle, but that keeps you from wasting.

Zesty Morning Hand Sanitizer

Zesty Morning Hand Sanitizer by OBC Skin – This has the two qualities I love in a hand sanitizer (outside of the ability to sanitize hands), it sprays so you’re not having to pour globs of goop in your hands, and it smells how hand sanitizer should smell – like rubbing alcohol rather than drinking alcohol. (No, seriously…have you tried sanitizer that smells like straight tequila? Awful!) This bottle will be perfect to keep in my car.

Facial Hydration Oil

Facial Hydration Oil by Cannalogica – I put this on before bed in between washing my face and putting on moisturizer. My skin has been feeling so smooth in the morning. Only use 2-3 drops or you’ll be feeling greased up. I also tried this as part of my makeup routine where I washed my face, put on a few drops, popped on some moisturizer and primer and my liquid foundation glided on so smoothly. Good stuff. Tip: I just naturally let it drop on my face without squeezing the dropper tool because sometimes too much comes out when first using it.

Clarifying Red Clay Mask

Moxie Clarifying Red Clay Mask – While it looks more like a mud mask than a red clay mask, this mask help to exfoliate my skin. It may be wishful thinking, but it seems that between that and the oil, my pores are looking a bit smaller. It’s the perfect addition to my nighttime self-care Sunday routine. Also, it’s made with French clay. C’est belle!

Mani/Pedi fizzies

Mani/Pedi Fizzies from Clearly Balanced Days – This citrus bomb is true to smell as the scent is straight-up orange and put me in a dreamsicle state of mind. I used it in a bath and it quickly dissolved and didn’t leave a lasting scent or sight. After looking at the package again, I realized that, in huge letters, it says “Mani/Pedi fizzies.” Whoops! So, I then re-read the directions and saw that it’s best used in a water basin for hands or feet. Another in a series of lifelong lessons of why you shouldn’t just assume things. Anyway, since it has CBD in it, this could be helpful post-exercise or after a long day of typing.

“In the Heart of the Light”

“In the Heart of the Light” by Ashley Lord: This book is a collection of poetry dedicated to awakening, which is the perfect theme for a self-care collection. The book is filled with tons of beautiful poems that are great for a quick read before bed. Many of the poems pair with energy practices, affirmations, journaling and/or rituals. So not only does it give you something to read and dissect, it gives you ways to express your mind.

Birthday Cake Body Butter

Birthday Cake Body Butter by AMNH – This stuff looks and smells edible, but it probably wouldn’t be great to consume. A visually-appealing product and, again, smells exactly like birthday cake. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting, but it left my skin feeling smooth, so I’m all about it. In last year’s box was a birthday cake lip scrub from the same company, so AMNH would be an awesome place to get birthday gifts from.

Aromatherapy balms

Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy by Scentered – This tin box is filled with five different scented essential-oil balms, all made for a different purpose. There’s: Happy, De-Stress, Focus, Sleep and Escape. After deciding which mood you’re going for, rub the balm on your wrists and temples and then breathe in the oils. I’ve used the sleep one (lavender) several times and it was helpful taking in deep breaths of the oil as I drifted to sleep. These come in mini collections of multiple scents or larger balms of one scent.

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