The Tidbit Expands To Redbubble; Here’s How To Use It

I first heard about Redbubble in 2017 when my friend was sporting a baseball tee with an obscure Addams Family reference. When I checked out the website myself, I found a world of objects covered in the weird pop culture nonsense that I love (currently wearing my “Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino” shirt).

What I didn’t know until this year, is that users can open their own Redbubble shops and make a little extra cash. But, unlike Etsy, Redbubble does all the printing and shipping for you – all you have to do is upload your designs. (Naturally, you don’t make as much, but you’re not paying for materials and shipping.)

Anyway, I began messing with Keegan’s iPad and Apple Pen with ProCreate and created a few silly designs I wanted to share. Here are a few that I dig.

I decided to upload these to Redbubble and share them with whomever may be interested. If someone finds joy in these oddities, that’s just tops.

Feel free to check out the store here, and see Keegan sporting the “Tick, Tack, Toe” design below!

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