How you doin’? It’s time for a ‘Friends’ Drinking Game

As has been the goal the last few months, each month The Tidbit does a pop culture drinking game. This month? Friends! Most people who know me are probably surprised that it took this long to make a Friends game, but instant gratification has never been my thing. Anyway, check out the rules below and enjoy! (Note: please drink responsibly! In Friends fashion, sipping iced coffee would be most appropriate 🙂

  • Joey says, “How you doin’?”
  • Monica is shown cooking
  • Ross and Rachel break up
  • Ross and Rachel get back together
  • There’s a celebrity appearance
  • Phoebe gives a massage
  • Chandler is seen smoking
  • It’s a Thanksgiving episode
  • Richard makes an appearance
  • Gunther pines over Rachel
  • Judy and Jack are in an episode
  • Janice does her signature laugh or says, “Oh my God!”
  • Chandler and Monica share a sweet moment
  • Joey goes on a date
  • Chandler sticks out his tongue and laughs
  • Joey goes on an audition
  • There’s a flashback sequence
  • Ross talks about dinosaurs
  • Monica says, “I know!”
  • Phoebe talks about her twin sister, Ursula
  • Anyone mentions Ross’s divorces or former wives
  • Phoebe talks vegetarianism
  • Dr. Drake Ramoray is shown filming or is on TV
  • Marcel is in an episode

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