Put On Your Puffy Shirt Because It’s Time for the “Seinfeld” Drinking Game

The Tidbit set a goal to make a pop culture drinking game every month, and September’s game is based on one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, Seinfeld. Grab your beverage of choice, fire up Hulu (or TBS), and take a sip every time…

  • Bob Sacamanto is mentioned
  • Elaine and Puddy break up/get back together
  • Jerry goes on a date
  • The NBC pilot is mentioned
  • Kramer borrows something from Jerry 
  • George lies about his job
  • Kramer borrows something from Jerry 
  • Jerry is talking on the phone
  • George goes to Steinbrener’s office
  • A character goes to the movies
  • It’s referenced that Jerry & Elaine used to date
  • Kramer “invents” something/has a wild idea
  • George gets made fun of
  • A celebrity makes a cameo
  • Elaine yells “Get out!”
  • Kramer says “Giddy Up!”
  • A Seinfeldism (e.g. Close Talker or Puffy Shirt) is mentioned
  • A fake movie title is mentioned
  • The name Art Vandelay is used
  • There’s a flashback sequence
  • Bania makes an appearance
  • Jerry visits his parents in Florida
  • Elaine is unprofessional at work
  • Frank Costanza screams at George or about George

Please drink responsibly.

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