What I’ve Learned as a Relatively New Cat Mom

Alright, I’m gonna be honest with you. Up until spring of this year, I had a thing against cats. I didn’t explicitly hate them or refuse to be around them or anything, I just assumed they had an agenda that was not in my favor. Here’s what the real issue was – I didn’t understand cats; and we generally fear what we don’t understand.

So what changed? Well, I started seeing someone who was the father of two cats. As the mother of a puppy, I was touched by his affection for animals and his expression of enjoying having the cats as company. (Yes, for the sake of this article, I’m going to use terms “mother” and “father” in referring to pet ownership – I’m aware that it’s lame, stay with me.)

When I first went over to Keegan’s house, I had to mentally prepare myself for interaction with the cats. “Play it cool, man” my inner monologue said. “They can probably smell fear.” So I walked in with the tactic of, if they want to come to me, they can – but I won’t get up in their business, as I was aware that this is something cats frown upon; one of the many ways they differ from dogs.

Upon walking into the house, Keegan’s cat, Leaf, immediately came near me to scope out the situation. Then came his older cat, Beach, who sniffed me out. This was interesting to Keegan, as he said Beach is typically trepidatious of new people and usually hides until they’re gone. By this, I was honored. We shortly left for dinner, and it made for a nice introduction to the cats.

Fast forward to summer of the same year. I now reside in Keegan’s house and have become a cat mom. While I can’t say I’m a feline expert, I can say that I love these two dudes and am very glad they’re in my life. Not only because they’re sweet and cuddly, but also because they’re incredibly entertaining. Here’s what I’ve come to learn about cats thus far:

Matching Beach’s expression.
  • They like to fit themselves into boxes (and I mean that literally). Apparently cats live by the motto, “if I fit, I sit”. Leaf in particular loves when we get packages in the mail, as that means he will have a new domain. From what I’ve gathered, it seems that these boxes act as safety blankets for them, allowing them to be part of what’s going on while feeling secure.
  • While on the subject of contortion, they love to loaf like Wonderbread and get themselves into smaller, cozier positions. And, it’s adorable.
  • Speaking of bread, they also like to “make muffins” (knead their front paws into things like your thighs, stomach, or the mattress). This is Beach’s favorite thing to do and is a nighttime ritual of his. He can’t cozy up for sleep until he makes approximately 9 batches of muffins (in between which he takes a break to eat).
  • Their food and water bowls are also a safe space, and I often find toys hiding in the food bowls. This is almost like a resource guarding act, which is something they have in common with their new puppy brother, Teddy, who scours the house for a place to hide his bones. I can’t directly communicate with him, so I can only assume that this is in the event of a nuclear fallout where the production of his kibble is no longer in service.
  • Many cat toys are infused with cat nip, which is similar to marijuana. When they smell this nip, it puts them in a giddy and hyper state where they roll around and meow a lot – similar to someone who is super baked.
  • Like dogs’ barks and cries, their meows communicate different things. Certain meows are happy and playful, others let you know to give them space. Sometimes Leaf will be meowing from another floor of the house, I’ll meow back, and this will repeat for 5 minutes. Some of the most stimulating communication I’ve ever experienced.
  • While some cats out there may have an agenda, I now know that they’re nothing to be feared. I never thought I’d be a cat mom, but I’m thrilled that I am.

Enjoy this slideshow of the cats and dog, and share with us in the comments what funny things your cat does! Also, follow Teddy, Beach, and Leaf’s shennanigans on Instagram @tidbitsofteddy

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Our cat Buddy likes to drown mice in his water bowl! I read somewhere that it’s realistic of a way that he would kill prey in the wild (even though he is the least “wild” cat ever). It’s crazy how their wild instincts guide their behavior!


    1. Taylor Leddin says:

      That’s so interesting! No matter how domesticated, they’re still animals at heart. I love it!


  2. Kimberly M Dirck says:

    I am so happy for all your fur friends,Taylor!! Great article! I have all 3 cats and a Allyson has a dog and they love each other😍


    1. Taylor Leddin says:

      Aww, I’m so glad to hear that! Could go either way so I’m happy they’re friends 🐱🐶


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