Premier Indoor Dog Park in the Works for Chicago

Chicago’s Premier Indoor Dog Park offers Incredible Amenities & Seeks Backers through a Crowdfunding Campaign

~ The founders are local dog-lovers who have seen how tough it can be to take pets out for daily exercise in Chicago’s weather and decided to do something about it.

 ~ Members will get to enjoy unlimited, 24/7 access to the 20,000 sq./ft. facility with thoughtful amenities such as free parking, a coffee bar and seating area, self-serve smart taps for pouring local craft beers, self-serve dog baths, and more.

~ The backers will get lifetime access to the dog park for less than the price of one full year’s membership.

Much as we love Chicago, we have to admit that the city doesn’t offer ideal weather, more so for the dog lovers, who have to take their pups out for daily exercise come rain or shine (or snow!).

That said, Chicago’s vibrant culture and economy attract people from all over the world, who come here to work for some of the most reputed companies. Indeed, it is tough to fit in daily dog walks (and the often unavoidable baths that follow) during 2/3rds of the year when there are limited hours of daylight, and the weather outside is less than appealing.

Now for the good news, a local couple is working tirelessly to bring you Zoomies, Chicago’s premier climate-controlled indoor dog park, precisely to take care of this challenge that all busy dog lovers face.

When the couple adopted their Goldendoodle, Ruby, they were stunned to discover that Chicago’s “best” solution to playtime during the winter was outdoor dog parks. They decided at that moment to take matters into their own hands and open an indoor dog park for their pup and every other pup in the area.

The founders’ vision is clear – Give people a place where getting their dog the exercise is enjoyable for both four-legged guests and their two-legged owners.

That’s why Zoomies (appropriately named after the wild bursts of energy that cause your dog to run at top speed around your house) plans to offer amenities that will truly make it the most premier indoor dog park in Chicago. Founders have already identified a 20,000 sq/ft facility, and they have also launched a crowdfunding campaign here to remodel it.

Zoomies will have a large, open area for play surfaced with dog-friendly grass turf that is specially designed to eliminate odor and includes a state-of-the-art drainage system for power-washing and sanitization. Members will enjoy 24/7 key-card access, backed by industry-standard security and monitoring systems.

For the dog-owners, the facility will feature a coffee bar with a seating area where you can keep a close eye on your pooch as they play and automated self-serve beer taps equipped with a smart-pour system to ensure all members consume responsibly. They also understand how much of a headache finding parking in Chicago can be. So, the building will also include free, dedicated parking spaces for Zoomies guests.

The unique part of their campaign is that it offers a win-win for the dog-lovers. The founders are offering lifetime access to the dog park to the first 500 backers for $499, which is less than the price of one full year’s membership.

Upon the successful completion of the campaign, Zoomies will offer memberships for $50 to $80 per month, depending upon the plan. That means a minimum of $600 per year for the most basic plan.

In case the campaign isn’t fully funded, all the contributors will receive 100% of their money back. There will be delays in opening the park, but the founders will offer deeply discontinued membership to those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign.

“We’ve designed this campaign with a simple philosophy in mind; establish a win-win scenario for Chicago dog owners so that it makes sense for anyone to back this campaign,” founders of Zoomies.


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