Schitt’s Creek Drinking Game

We set a goal to make a pop culture drinking game every month, and this month’s game is made from The Tidbit’s all-time favorite show, Schitt’s Creek. Grab your beverage of choice, fire up Netflix, and take a sip every time…

  • Alexis says “Ew”
  • Moira changes wigs
  • David says, “Oh my God!”
  • Bob does his run
  • Stevie’s sarcastic
  • Johnny looks exasperated
  • Twyla mentions her mom
  • Moira uses an unnecessarily big word
  • Moira discusses her celebrity past
  • Johnny mentions Rose Video
  • Ted makes a bad pun
  • Moira favors David over Alexis
  • Jocelyn wears something outdated
  • Patrick is the perfect balance for David
  • Moira is over-dramatic
  • Johnny and Moira have a romantic moment
  • Alexis mentions a celebrity ex
  • David wears something amazingly extra
  • Roland says something uncomfortable
  • The word “motel” is used
  • The Jazzagals rehearse
  • Cafe Tropical is shown

Always remember to drink responsibly. Warmest Regards!

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