Tidbits of Recommendations: July 25, 2020

This might be a day late, but it’s certainly not a dollar short. Our weekly installation of Tidbits of Recommendations is here and it’s a fun one! But, before we get into it, a quick word: I know it’s summer and it’s so tempting to go out and live life like it’s any summer before us. However, so much is still up in the air – please take precautions to keep yourself and others safe so we can get back to (the closest form of) normal. Okay, off my soapbox – let’s dive in!


img_1654Clueless may have turned 25 this past week, but make no mistake – it’s still totally in style! So much so that the film’s fashion has come back in full-force and the plaid skirts with sweater vests have come back to clothing stores across the nation. That would’ve made shopping for the Halloween costumes (seen on the left here) a lot easier. We had to forage through Goodwill to get this look so sweet, it could give you a toothache. Check out our round-up featuring 25 behind-the-scenes pieces of trivia from the iconic film.




We could all use some serious self-care right about now. What better way than to have some delivered right to your doorstep? TheraBox is a monthly subscription box that is literally a Treat YoSelf Day in a box. With over $100+ worth of great products for just $35, you can’t beat it. Check out our review of the anniversary box (spoiler alert, we loved pretty much everything).



IMG_0710If you’re wanting to stay inside a bit this week/end, The Adventure Challenge is a must-have tool to keep you from succumbing to total boredom. Keegan and I did a challenge this morning that tasked us to watch our favorite shows/movies and eat our favorite snacks from childhood. So, we queued up Disney+ (for a back-to-back of Brink! and Smart House) and poured ourselves some cereal and had a grand ole throwback. Check out our review of The Adventure Challenge!

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