Tidbits of Recommendations: Remembering Kelly Preston

This past weekend, we lost one of the most underrated actresses in recent history. Kelly Preston – best known for her role in Jerry Maguire – was married to our boy, John Travolta, and fought a quiet and courageous battle with breast cancer. In person, Kelly was as bright and bubbly as she always appeared on screen. I had the chance to chat with her about the film where she first met Travolta, the forgotten 80s romp, The Experts. Check out this hilarious scene from the flick, and if you’re looking for a KP movie to watch this weekend, we recommend: Jerry Maguire or For The Love of the Game. 


Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting her on two occasions: once in 2009 when she and John hosted a charity premiere for their film Old Dogs, and the following year when they hosted a premiere for From Paris With Love (where Preston and daughter Ella Bleu share a brief cameo). During the latter meeting, I spoke with her about the aforementioned Experts, stating I was a fan of the film. She was almost taken aback by the fact that a then 15-year old had seen the obscure movie, and called her husband over to discuss it with me further. We laughed about the hyperlinked dance scene above and I thanked them for their time. This was about a year after the couple tragically lost their son, Jett, to a seizure. Later that night, my dad gave Kelly his condolences and mentioned that he, too, has a son with special needs. Kelly asked about Danny, and told us to “give him a hug for me”.

This week’s Tidbits of Recommendations is in memory of Kelly and her work. Comment your favorite Kelly Preston movie below.

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  1. Gloria Terry says:

    Twins. Hmmm. The perfect bride. She is in a better place. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Taylor Leddin says:

      Thank you for sharing that, Gloria!

      Liked by 1 person

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