Tidbits of Recommendations: July 10, 2020

It’s our sixth edition of Tidbits of Recommendations! We skipped last week in honor of the Fourth of July, and hope that everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend! Tidbits of Recommendations is a weekly series where we bring you our favorites in entertainment, lifestyle, and Chicago. It’s crazy to think that we’re in the double-digits dates of July, but here we go…



img_1468The Tidbit found fun and positive feedback from That ’70s Drinking Game, that we decided to make it a continuous element with a different show or movie at the center. This week, we released The Office Drinking Game and it’s the perfect way to re-watch the show that most of us have seen multiple times through. While it’s a “drinking” game (and please drink responsibly) this can be played with any beverage – including water to stay hydrated during these 90-something degree days.




With this hot weather, I’m feeling more of a need to keep my face clean, hydrated, and moisturized. I found this trifecta (and more) with products from Banila Co. and am absolutely obsessed. (So much so that I can smell it on my face as I type this.) It’s keeping my skin feeling clean and soft, while also evening out my skin tone. Check it out and receive 15% off your first order using the code 15OFF.



img_1205We’re all finding ourselves with a little bit of extra time these days, so this weekend, why not skip town for a long lunch up in Wisconsin? There are many spots to pick from with outdoor seating, and the only state where you can get Spotted Cow beer (which I had my first taste of last month). Enjoy a walk around Milwaukee and make sure to grab some cheese. Keegan and I did a weekend in Door County and made an overnight stop in Milwaukee (pictured here at Buck Bradley’s). We enjoyed lots of beer, cheese, and Insomnia Cookies.



*This post contains affiliate links and may result in The Tidbit receiving financial compensation. Regardless, the review is completely honest and not influenced by the mentioned brand.

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