‘The Office’ Drinking Game

At the beginning of quarantine, we created a That ’70s Show Drinking Game. It was such a hit that we’ve decided to make a new pop culture related drinking game to release each month! We asked for your opinion, and the opinion took us to Scranton, PA to the fictional world of Dunder Mifflin. We present to you, The Office Drinking Game.


Rules: take a sip for each item with a dot; take a shot for each item with a star. Please watch responsibly.

  • Kevin spills his chili (SHOT!)
  • Meredith is shown drinking (sip)
  • Michael does a character (sip)
  • There’s a scene in the conference room (sip)
  • Something cute happens between Jim and Pam (sip)
  • Michael actually does the right thing (sip)
  • Oscar explains something without being asked (sip)
  • Stanley has an attitude (sip)
  • Phyllis says something sexual (sip)
  • Darryl calls Michael “Mike” (sip)
  • Michael complains about Toby (sip)
  • It’s Pretzel Day! (SHOT!)
  • Todd Packer makes an appearance (sip)
  • Michael crushes on Ryan (sip)
  • Kelly mentions a celebrity (sip)
  • Chili’s is shown or referenced (SHOT!)
  • Jan yells at Michael (sip)
  • Andy sings “Ro Do Do Do Do” (sip)
  • Vance Refrigeration is mentioned (sip)
  • The Party Planning Committee is referenced (sip)
  • Dwight does something ridiculous for Michael (sip)
  • Angela mentions her cats (sip)
  • Jim pranks Dwight (sip)
  • Toby pines over Pam (sip)
  • A computer screen is shown with solitaire (sip)
  • Dwight’s middle name (Kurt) is said (SHOT!)
  • There’s an office Christmas party (sip)
  • “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam” is said (sip)
  • There’s a birthday in the office (sip)
  • The annex is shown (sip)
  • Jim looks into the camera (sip)
  • A swear word is bleeped (sip)
  • A character goes down to the warehouse (sip)
  • The word “corporate” is used (sip)
  • Kevin says something completely incorrect (sip)
  • Kelly and Ryan are having a fight about nonsense (sip)
  • Creed admits to having done something illegal (sip)
  • Michael impersonates a well-known celebrity (sip)
  • A character proposes to another character (SHOT!)
  • Andy mentions Cornell or his acapella group (sip)
  • David Wallace doesn’t fire Michael even when he should (sip)
  • The Dundies are referenced or a trophy is shown (sip)
  • Dwight is shown with a weapon (sip)
  • Schrute Farms is shown or mentioned (sip)
  • Gabe does or says something creepy (sip)
  • Pam’s art is shown or mentioned (sip)

When sharing, please make sure you tag The Tidbit (@thetidbit on Instagram, @thetidbitonline on Facebook, and @the_tidbit on Twitter). Comment below for what show/movie you want to be next!

PS. I am aware that “refrigeration” and “solitaire” are misspelled on the game board. Whoops!


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