Are You A Go-Getter Who Runs on Sass? You’re Gonna Need This

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of writing, entertainment, and general media communications projects. As I’m sure many would agree, some of my best work comes from being able to be myself and sprinkle in a bit of my personality. This often includes some sass and a pinch of smartass-ery.

When I came across a subscription box with the title Smartass & Sass, I assumed it had to be something that was developed by a long-lost twin. Turns out it’s a monthly box curated by some super cool chicks who get what it means to walk the line between cute and sassy. And while that looks all well and good online, I took it with a grain of salt being that everyone and their brother seems to have developed a subscription box. So, the only thing I could do was to check it out for myself.

Believe me when I say that I was as pleased with the box’s content as I was with the original discovery of the box. It came in a pretty blue box filled with pink confetti-like stuff to keep the products safe in transport. What was inside was not only adorable and funny, but also super practical.

Here’s what we got:IMG_1004

  • A steel water bottle in a beautiful robin’s egg blue color with “Feeling Good As Hell” written on the side in white text. Love Lizzo, love water, love it all.
  • A black oven mitt that says, “Made with love” at the forefront, and then in small font below says, “and some other shit”. Pretty much describes me in the kitchen.
  • A soft covered pink journal that says “I’ve got a good heart, but this mouth..”
  • A vinyl sticker that says “Peachy AF” (you know I love a good sticker)
  • A soy candle that says “Good Vibes Only” (I don’t know what the scent is, but I like it)
  • And finally a green pen that says “Feeling Prickly” (if I’m writing something in my journal, I’m usually feeling pretty prickly).

Each month has different goodies and this is just a taste of the adorable products that are hand-picked for the sassy and smart-assy go-getters that are out in the world. This would also be an amazing gift for a friend – they’ll definitely appreciate it!

Have you boarded the subscription box train? What’s been your favorite so far?

Note: post contains affiliate links where a viewers purchase may result in The Tidbit receiving payments.



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