Tidbits of Recommendations: June 12, 2020

Welcome to week 3 of Tidbits of Recommendations! A weekly series where we bring you our favorites in entertainment, lifestyle, and Chicago. Let’s see what we’ve gotten ourselves into this week! Plus, we threw in an extra rec for good measure. Note: post contains affiliate links where a viewers purchase may result in The Tidbit receiving payments.


61359119154__F8E0F167-3369-4282-BEED-657FA6CF4968With everything currently going on in the world, I’ve been reflecting on the books, films, and music that have taught me valuable lessons in the realm of racial inequalities. The first thing to spring to mind is John Grisham’s A Time To Kill. Both the book and the film are equally amazing, so I guess I’d recommend whichever one you have time for. The writing is impeccable in the book, but the cast is outstanding in the movie. You know what? Just do both and thank me later.



Is there anything better than beautiful fresh flowers? Maybe beautiful fresh flowers sent right to your door every month. I recently got a farmhouse bouquet delivered from Enjoy Flowers and I was blown away by the freshness and the unique look of the bouquet. The flowers ship directly from Columbia and are grown to last twice as long as your average bouquet of flowers. I’ve had mine out on the table for a week and they look brand new. This would make a perfect gift – especially now to say “hi” to loved ones during social distancing!



IMG_0698This month, the rooftop at Whiskey Business opened back up and they’re serving up yummy drinks, fun music, and a super rad ambiance. The theme of the bar is 80s/90s meets Michigan. This is the perfect spot to get out and grab a drink during social distancing, as it allows enough space for you and your crew.



The time capaule journal kids
In case you haven’t heard, I have released a follow-up to The Time Capsule Journal, this time for kids! The children’s edition of TTCJ is designed for ages 6 to 10 and asks fun questions all about you! Answer half of the questions now, then come back in a few years and document how your answers have changed. This is a fun way to see how you’ve grown and makes for a great keepsake! While this book is recommended for ages 6 to 10, the content is appropriate for all ages.




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