This Activity Book Makes Dating During Quarantine Much Less Routine

My boyfriend, Keegan, and I started dating this past February. It was a good thing that we went on three dates in the first week of February as we would eventually come to find next month that out-of-house dates would be on hold for a while. This is actually okay for us, as we both enjoy just talking and listening to music or watching movies – things you don’t necessarily need to leave the house for. But, every once in a while, it’s fun to have an activity to shake things up and even flex your creative muscle.

Luckily for us, we discovered The Adventure Challenge – a book designed with out-of-the-box activities. The book has three editions – one for families, one for friends, and one for couples. We’re using the couples edition which has 50 different date ideas (both for out in the world and at home).

There is a key/legend that has different symbols (such as a car or a baby which designates that the date will require driving or a babysitter, respectively). It also tells you about how much time the activity will take. We chose an activity that could be done at home and required little-to-no materials (AKA was free). The best part about this is that you don’t know what the activity will be until you take a coin and scratch off the idea.

We scratched and revealed the date idea – we were to each draw a comic strip that told the story of our relationship. However, there was a catch – all of the wording and dialogue had to be written in Chinese! So, we grabbed paper, pens, and Google Translate and got to work.

When we finished our comics, we exchanged with each other and tried to guess what each picture was and what it said. Keegan has much more artistic prowess than I do, so we had a few good laughs at the expense of my stick-figure drawings. This was such a fun way to spend an evening and something we would have never come up with on our own. Also, there’s an adhesive spot where you can include a picture of the adventure!

Take The Adventure Challenge with your boo, your best friend, or your family and see what kind of hijinks you get into! Let us know the fun you have in the comments. (Oh, and this makes for an awesome gift!)

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