Does Your Pup Chew Through Everything? There’s a Subscription for That

Last year, my life was blessed with the presence of my cockapoo, Teddy. Named for his looks, he’s basically a breathing Build-A-Bear. While he looks like a sweet little stuffed animal (and he is sweet) he has a tendency to chew through things like he’s a T-Rex.

Any sort of soft (even not-so-soft) toy gets ripped to shreds in minutes and then he looks at me like I’m the worst as I throw the pieces away. It’s difficult finding toys that he can enjoy for longer than four minutes as his sharp teeth get the best of him. After learning about a durable subscription box that is designed with power chewers in mind, I knew we just had to try it.

BULLYMAKE is a once-a-month box, and each one comes with a theme. May’s theme was “Brunch” and inside was a durable (and adorable) waffle, coffee mug, and a large rubber strawberry that can be used for fetch and also has an opening where you can stuff treats. It also had three bags of treats (aptly flavored muffins, bacon, and French toast). Teddy sampled each treat and gobbled up each one (all of the treats are all-natural and grain-free, and chicken, beef, and grain-free options are also offered).

When subscribing, they ask questions to tailor the box to your dog. Teddy is just about 30 lbs., so that was the weight I selected. Looking back, I should’ve selected a lower weight as the toys are heavy and large and he struggles a bit with carrying them. However, he continues to play with them by positioning one in between his front paws and chews away. You also have the option to include any allergies and if you want toys and treats or just a box with toys.

While the toys now show signs of teeth marks after a few weeks of playing, they show no signs of breakage; which is more than I can say for most of his toys. BULLYMAKE offers nylon, natural rubber, woven ballistic, and heavy duty rope toys. Based on the sizes we got, I definitely think this is perfect for a bigger dog (which are typically power chewers, anyway). If you’re looking at this for a smaller dog, consider selecting a smaller weight than what they actually are as that may give them smaller toys to play with. Now, just like his mom, Teddy loves brunch and we can’t wait to see what next month’s theme is!

Comment below and let us know your pooch’s favorite toys!

*This post contains products that were received for review. Learn more here.

My Power-Chewer Pup Tried the BULLYMAKE Box. Here's What He Thought!

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