3 Unique Projects to Try During Quarantine

Have you already cleaned out all of your closets and purged your attic? Wated everything on Netflix and done a crazy amount of puzzles? Now that we’re into the third calendar month of May, it might feel like you’ve run out of everything there is to do inside. Here’s a few things that maybe you haven’t thought to try.

1. Organize your cards

I’ve been saying for years that I would do this. I’m a very sentimental person and I like to hang onto greeting cards. Instead of filling shoeboxes full of random cards, I’m beginning to hole punch them and put them into a small, 3-ring binder. Both a hole punch and binder can be purchased on Amazon, and make for a great way to preserve your memories in one space!

2. Snail mail

While on the subject of cards, when was the last time you sent someone you care about a letter in the mail just because? A piece of snail mail will undoubtedly brighten someone’s day among the myriad of bills we receive, and maybe you’ll strike up the good old days of pen pals-menship.

3. Try a new recipe

We’re all trying to only go grocery shopping when absolutely necessary, and it may feel like we have little to pick from in between trips. Try out MyFridgeFood and simply plug in the ingredients you have on hand, and it’ll give you delicious recipe options you may not have thought of!

What interesting things have you done with your free time?


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