That ’70s Drinking Game

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you know me – you know I love That ’70s Show. I wouldn’t say that it’s the greatest show ever made, but it’s certainly the show that makes me the happiest. During these unusual times where most (if not all) of our time is being spent at home, things that ignite happiness are needed.

Since I’ve watched the show so many times through, I thought about a way to make it more interactive, and merged it with another activity that makes me happy – drinking! Thus, That ’70s Drinking Game was born (and has already been making some noise on Reddit).

The rules are simple, take a sip of your drink every time one of the listed events happens. Check out the game board below, followed by the typed out rules. Please play responsibly, man.

IMG_9751 (1)

  • Red says “dumbass”
  • Eric and Donna get into a fight
  • A music group from the ’70s is mentioned
  • Fez hits on someone
  • Kitty laughs
  • Red insults Bob
  • They sit in the circle
  • Midge says something dumb
  • They go to The Hub
  • There’s a fantasy sequence
  • Jackie yells at Kelso
  • They say “Hello Wisconsin!”
  • A cast member breaks character by laughing
  • The “sexy” theme music plays
  • Leo shows up
  • The gang steals beer
  • There’s a cameo of someone who was famous in the ’70s
  • A TV Show or movie from the ’70s is mentioned
  • All 6 pals are in the basement at the same time
  • Red and Kitty kiss/get frisky
  • Hyde wears a band t-shirt
  • The gang is shown at school
  • They use the phrase “doin’ it”
  • Jackie says something mean to Donna
  • Fez says “Good day!”
  • Kelso says “Hello Laurie”
  • Eric and Laurie fight
  • An exterior is shown and is clearly fake/a set
  • Bob wears a ridiculous outfit
  • The Vista Cruiser is shown
  • Red fawns over his Corvette
  • When there’s a “special guest” in the circle (i.e. someone who is not one of the main 6)
  • Eric is a little bitch (whines/complains about something that isn’t a big deal)
  • The word “BURN” is used
  • Red chooses Laurie over Eric
  • The gang goes out of town
  • Kitty stands up to Red
  • Kelso parks his van in the Forman’s driveway
  • Kelso and Jackie break up/get back together
  • The word “man” is used (tip: take baby sips with this one)
  • There’s a side-by-side sequence (i.e. a split screen where two sets of characters are having a similar conversation at the same time)


Share your favorite episodes in the comments!

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