3 Products That Have Helped 3 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a very strange illness that is different for each person that experiences it. We can all certainly agree that it’s not fun, but it does make the good days feel even better. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been trying different products to find items that help with the large array of symptoms. In my experience, the biggest issues I have are: Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and digestive issues. For those also going through these fun experiences, I wanted to share a few items I’ve found that help with those issues.

IMG_9531AmourCBD – this topical CBD ointment has help alleviate some of the daily pain I experience in my neck and shoulders. One of my major trigger pain points is on the right side of my neck and upper shoulder. When that would begin to flare up, I would massage a bit of this onto the pain point and it would help slow it down. While it’s not something that’s a complete eraser, it is now something I keep on my desk for when my neck gets tired from staring at a computer all day.

IMG_9685Bubs Naturals collagen protein and MCT oil powder are flavorless and you certainly get the bang for your buck in each package. The MCT helped give me a natural midday pick-me-up and it was helpful in easing some digestive issues (we’ll just leave that as is). Definitely worth popping into your water for some added nutrients (I put it into a bottle of Vitamin Water). Teddy’s a fan, too.

sleep aidLastly, I have a lot of trouble sleeping. And, even under the best circumstances, a good night’s sleep doesn’t always leave me feeling rested. Using a bit of Target-brand’s version of ZzzQuil (aka Up and Up’s Nighttime Sleep Aid) and ear plugs has helped me get some better sleep.


It goes without saying I am not a doctor and this is simply based on my personal experience. You should always consult with your physician before switching up your regimen. Hope this brings some relief to those who need it!

Share your favorite products for the aforementioned issues in the comments!

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