The Different Ways That “Tiger King” Has Taken Over the World

If you’ve been on the Internet anytime recently, you’ve heard of the madness that is the new Netflix documentary series, Tiger King. If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap: the seven-part series focuses on the dark underbelly of the illegal exotic cat trade in America. Somehow, murder-for-hire, drugs, and the real-life inspiration for Scarface are all involved. It’s a trainwreck that can only be believed after viewing.

This has had the ability to take our minds off of Coronavirus, if only for a little while. In addition to the hilarious tweets and memes, Tiger King has inspired artists and gamblers alike. Let me show you how…

file_183d980ade_400wThe man of the hour, Joe Exotic (who ran for president in 2016), was arrested as part of  a murder-for-hire conspiracy. Scott Straka, celebrity portrait artist, is now selling a hand-drawing of the now infamous mugshot. Order yours today!





Downloadable Coloring Book Pages

Hello Harlot, the adorable company/Etsy shop that created the Schitt’s Creek coloring book that we at The Tidbit adore so much, has created a downloadable coloring page of Joe Exotic and one of his beautiful tigers. Even better, the print is based off of a photo that features one of Joe’s iconic sequined blouses. Bring Joe Exotic to live with the touch of crayon. The download is on a “pay what you want” basis, so be sure to show them some love.



Now for the crème de la crème of Tiger King takeover, online betting. Yes, you read that right. Here are some Tiger King betting odds provided by MyBookie:

Will Joe ‘Tiger King’ Exotic Receive a Presidential Pardon by Jan. 20, 2021

Yes +850

No -1600

Will Carole Baskin be found ‘Guilty’ of killing Jack ‘Don’ Lewis by Dec. 31, 2020

Yes +1000

No -2000

Will Jack ‘Don’ Lewis body be found by Dec. 31, 2020?

Yes +1000

No -2000

Will Doc Antle be charged for killing Tiger Cubs by Dec. 31, 2020?

Yes +850

No -1600


Let us know your thoughts on this wild ride of a series in the comments!

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