Thought Leader Adam Mendler Discusses Insightful New Podcast, Thirty Minute Mentors

CEO, leadership expert, advisor, consultant, coach and board member are all titles held by one Adam Mendler. He now adds podcast host to his resume as he recently launched Thirty Minute Mentors, a half-hour podcast where high-profile guests share their respective industry success stories. Now, Mendler sits in the interviewee seat and speaks with The Tidbit about the podcast, thought leadership, and advice he has for others seeking to follow a similar path.

The Tidbit: Tell us the story behind your podcast, Thirty Minute Mentors, and what inspired this endeavor. 

Adam Mendler: I have long been a believer in the power of mentorship. Mentors have changed my life in meaningful ways from the time I was a kid and I have tried to pay it forward by serving as a mentor to others even at a very young age. A mentor of mine gave me the opportunity to intern for him and his sports agency while I was in high school and I learned as much from that experience as I have from any job or internship since. Around the same time, I started coaching youth sports and found that experience to be extremely powerful in that I had the ability to channel my passion and skill set to the betterment and development of others. Thirty Minute Mentors allows me to take something that I am good at – connecting with people – and channel it in a way in which I can hopefully give something meaningful to audiences.

TT: You have the opportunity to interview many high-profile individuals, most recently actor Rob Lowe. What has that experience been like?

AM: It has been a lot of fun. It is, without question, a privilege to speak to the most accomplished, successful and insightful people in the country. I personally learn from each of my guests and I hope my listeners do too. Figuring out how to spend the thirty minutes in the way that most benefits listeners is a challenge, but one I embrace and enjoy tackling.

The Tidbit: What has been the best advice/piece of knowledge you’ve received since the beginning of the podcast?

AM: I am going to have to punt this one because there are too many incredible and highly applicable pieces of advice that I have taken in since the launch of the show. What I have found, though, is there is usually a takeaway or two from each interview that stands out to me. For example, this week’s episode was with Doug Conant, the former CEO of Campbell Soup. He shared a wealth of information, but the advice that most resonated with me was when he said that as a leader you have three years to get it right. The first year, it’s the other guy’s fault. The second year, you’re learning. The third year, you own it. As someone who writes and speaks extensively about leadership, I found that to be a brilliant and highly applicable tidbit. I actually applied it in a conversation about a college basketball coach not long after my interview with Doug. I can give you a similar example with each person I have interviewed.

TT: Aside from Thirty Minute Mentors, what other projects are you working on now?

AM: I am still very involved in the two e-commerce businesses I co-founded, Beverly Hills Chairs, and Custom Tobacco, and our software consulting business Veloz Solutions. I do my fair share of writing and speaking about leadership and related topics. And I’m getting ready psychologically for baseball season.

TT: What advice do you have for the future thought leaders of the world?

AM: Develop an expertise and a perspective and share it. The world needs more leaders and more thought leaders. We are a richer place when people can activate their authentic selves and share their leadership and thought leadership with the world.

TT: I understand you’re a fan of classic movies and television! What are some of your favorite titles? 

AM: This is the hardest question of all because there are so many classic movies I love. Casablanca, The Godfather and The Sting are my favorites that are on everyone else’s list too, but a movie I will plug that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is Once Upon a Time in America. There are a lot of great TV shows I loved watching growing up, but nothing is in the same league as Seinfeld.

Follow Adam on Twitter and Instagram at @adammendler and on LinkedIn

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