What the Guy Handing Out Liquor Samples at Meijer Reminded Me About Love

Today, as I was browsing through Meijer, I found myself in the wine section. Now, I have only been to this particular location two times prior, and each time there has been a man in the alcohol and spirits section giving out samples of whatever his company is promoting. Naturally, I gravitated to his table.

He was sampling this Edel Flower spirit mixed with champagne, and this fruity pink something-or-other that was in a sleek and slender bottle. Due to the look and the color, I asked if he had sold a lot of them as gifts, being that the following day is Valentine’s Day. He said yes, and then went into how he felt that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday” and that you should love and respect the person you’re with everyday of the year.

Ron (per his name tag) then went on to say that his wife suffered two heart attacks and a stroke some years back, and it was a journey for her to return to full health. He said that they have a new lease on life and are making more of an effort to enjoy themselves now. They’re traveling, not being as tight with their money, and are “treating everyday like Valentine’s Day”.

After less than three minutes (and three liquor samples), I was reminded of something important. Life is incredibly uncertain, and it’s important to treat each day as something special. It’s even more important to appreciate the people in your life who mean something to you. Treat everyday like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, your birthday, their birthday, Flag Day, whatever – just make it count.

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