Gift Guide for the Adventurers in Your Life

Earlier today, the theme song from Rocky came on the radio as I was driving home. I immediately pictured Rocky Balboa conquering the streets and steps of Philadelphia, and thought about all of the amazing feats that the human body can accomplish.

Runners taking on 26.2 miles of pavement, hikers battling tall mountains and treacherous trails, triathletes pushing through Iron Mans; these are all accomplishments that should be commemorated. And, we have such a thing for every occasion.

Well  Told Topography Glassware

Perfect for runners and hikers, alike. Glassware, drinkware, mugs, are more are IMG_8871available to be etched with topographical maps of marathon and hiking routes. What better way to celebrate this kind of accomplishment than by having a drink featuring the road you just tackled?

“One of our company’s founding ideas was to make everyday household items more visually compelling and more personal by incorporating unique designs that connect to the most meaningful aspects of our lives,” said Well Told’s marketing VP, Neil Angis. “As individuals, we all define ourselves in large part by the places that make up our past and present — where we grew up, went to school, fell in love, went on that epic vacation, etc — so it was a natural pairing to combine places and glassware, something we use to celebrate special moments but also use every day.”

Appalachian Trail Signs

trail markerThis one is a bit more specific, but perfect for someone who takes on the incredible Appalachian Trail. Designed by Dr. Patrick Leddin, the signs are inspired by markers found on the trail and were created for outdoor enthusiast.

“The Appalachian Trail is marked with a 2″ x 6″ white blazes. If you see the blaze, you are walking on the right path. If you walk for a while and don’t see a blaze, you may be lost,” said Dr. Leddin. “After hiking the trail, my son and I decided to start a small business focused on helping others to yearn more for the outdoors.”

Shadow Boxes


This is perfect for any major accomplishment, as it allows room to highlight and celebrate what the person has done. As an example, say for someone who has completed an Iron Man, you can get a shadow box and fill it with a photo of them running, their race number, and their medal. This is a fun way for them to display and remember this big moment.

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