My Saturday Night Fever Dreams Came True with DISCO Chicago

Just above Celeste in River North sits a small space that brings you back to a simpler time. DISCO Chicago brings back the glitz and galore of the Studio 54 days in the 1970’s. The disco ball hangs, the floor lights up, Kool & the Gang beats from the DJ – and you half expect John Travolta’s Tony Manero to walk through the door in his signature white suit.

While the drink prices are astronomical (yet comparable to the area), the atmosphere more than makes up with it with funky furniture and roped-off areas for “VIP” guests (AKA people who splurge for bottle service). The walls are adorned with the iconic faces of those who enjoyed the historic 54 days (Cher, Rod Stewart, Andy Warhol) and is the ultimate place to dance – and not just on Saturday Night.

As someone who loves the seventies and disco music (I have “Upside Down” by Diana Ross stuck in my head as we speak) this place instantly captured my affection. It also set into motion ideas of how to decorate my future home (although, I’ve planned on a life-size wall decal of Rod Stewart all along).

Moral of the story, disco DOES NOT suck and is alive and well on West Hubbard.


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