Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Creatives

Right-brain and creative individuals are often notorious for being procrastinators. Procrastination often comes into play when the holidays come around as shopping for gifts can be overwhelming. Not to worry, as we have some fantastic last-minute gift ideas for the creatives in your life.


The Time Capsule Journal

This is both a shameless plug to promote my book, but also a perfect match for anyone on your list – especially creative writers. The journal is filled with prompts that allow the user to answer half of the prompts now, then put it away for a few years, and answer half of the prompts in the future. The concept is to see how one has grown and changed over the years – all in an effort to get to know yourself better through writing.


A Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book

You know The Tidbit is a major fan of the Canadian comedy series, Schitt’s Creek. Naturally, we’ve been loving this coloring book that offers hilarious moments for the show while providing an opportunity to de-stress with the joy of coloring. We’d recommend getting a pack of colored pencils or markers to coincide with this gift.


My Paint By Numbers

Another art de-stressor is found in the form of this adult paint-by-numbers. With many scenes to choose from (and the option to create a personalized version – ie, upload a photo) there is something for everyone. Each kit comes with an outlined and numbered canvas, paint brushes, and paint that is numbered to match the canvas’s numbers. Additionally, a small photo of what it will look like in the end is included to help guide you. Check out our full review on My Paint By Numbers.


The 6-Minute Diary

Many creatives love keeping track of their lives in a written manner, but it can often be brushed aside due to lack of time. The 6-Minute Diary eliminates the issues of “too much time spent” and is built to fit right into your daily routine. Built by UrBestSelf, the diary is designed to improve yourself and your life (goals, goals, goals!). The perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Happy shopping!


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