Going-Away Gift: “Open When…”

Is someone you love moving away? That’s never an easy situation and is something I experienced recently when one of my very best friends moved across the country to Arizona (rude, right? 😉 Naturally, I had to come up with a going-away gift that was a match for our friendship, which is one of those “tell each other everything” friendships. That, coupled with the thought that he would likely be homesick from time-to-time, inspired me to do one of my all-time favorite crafts – “Open When…” envelopes.

The best thing about this craft is that it is incredibly easy on the material-side. All you need is some stationary and some markers. I grabbed a stationary set from Michael’s and got to work. From there, the rest is all reliant on your creativity.

On the envelopes, you write “Open When…” so, for example, “Open When You Need a Good Laugh” and then on the card inside, write down a funny memory of you and the friend. Other ideas can be:

  • Open When It’s Your Birthday (write a birthday message inside and maybe include a piece of candy)
  • Open When You’re Having a Bad Day (write a list of why they’re awesome)
  • Open When You Make a New Friend (“Okay, but just know they’ll never be as great as I am”)

You get the idea. Take the creativity a step further by including whatever can fit in the envelope: photos, fortune cookie fortunes, a couple of bucks for Dunkin’ Donuts’ Happy Hour.

Then, if you have stationary left over, take half of the envelopes and write your address on them, then take the other half and write your friend’s new address on it. Then, get some stamps and be each other’s pen pal!

Ideas for an “Open When” envelope? Throw it in the comments!

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