Chicago’s Hidden Music Gems are at Bill’s Bar and Burger’s Open Mic Night

Every Saturday night, while people dress up and go dancing in River North, the real entertainment is found at the corner of Hubbard and State at Bill’s Bar and Burger. The open mic night that runs from 9pm to midnight broadcasts some of Chicago’s amazing musical talent, featuring all genres of music. Each Saturday crowns a winner, who participates in a championship to win a showcase of their own. Hosted by WGN Radio’s Mike Heidemann, the event is an inclusive and positive space for musicians to come out and share their skills.

Lucie Tiger and K.E.N. were two of the many performers on September 28.

Such was the case last Saturday, when all of the recent winners came out to compete for the showcase. Not only did musicians from Chicago perform, but also visitors from Nevada and Australia shared their music as well. The amount of talent in the room was astounding, and it wouldn’t be surprising if at least one of these performers make it big someday. Even if you’re not a performer, it’s a great place to make new friends who share an interest in music. If you find yourself in River North on a Saturday night, stop by Bill’s for a milkshake and an epic concert.

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