As the Emmy’s Grow Near, Nominee Suresh Mukund Discusses His World of Dance

The Emmy’s are just around the corner, and we had the pleasure of chatting with one of the incredibly talented nominees. Suresh Mukund, nominated for his choreography on NBC’s World of Dance, tells us all about his craft and the excitement of being an Emmy-nominee.


The Tidbit: Tell us a bit about your background and how your passion for dance began?

Suresh Mukund: When I was young, I was always a very introverted person, and began to get passionate about dance from watching movies featuring stunning dance numbers with impressive moves that always got me grooving at home. I started developing my enthusiasm towards dance as always made me feel happy. In order to explore more, I kept on watching videos of various artists like Michael Jackson and other Indian celebrities. Dance has actually helped to become the person I am right now. It has really helped me in developing my overall personality, including becoming more extroverted.

TT: You developed the Fictitious Dance Group 10 years ago. What’s that journey been like?

SM: The journey has been incredible. I really cherish those days remembering how we had started this journey; the days where we used to struggle finding a space to dance, failures we faced, and challenges that we had to meet every time. Now, we’ve achieved so much and have become the best dance group in country, and now, in the entire world after winning World of Dance. Sometimes, my journey really inspires me and I never expected that I could make it so far in life.

TT: I understand a film was made about your group. How did that project come to light and what was the experience like?

SM: It happened when we were actually shooting for its first version where we were hired to play an antagonist in a special appearance. During the shooting, we used to always be in good conversation with the director of our movie, and when we narrated our entire story to him, he was really amazed and found it inspiring thinking how a small crew from the streets of Mumbai made it big by representing our country on an international platform. He immediately decided to make the second part of the movie about our journey and that is how it began. My entire team was really happy as I could see my character being played by one of the leading actors in Bollywood. Honestly, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

TT: You recently were nominated for an Emmy – congratulations! How did you feel what you received that news?

SM: I was on top of the world when I learned about my nomination at the prestigious award ceremony. This is actually a huge achievement for my country as no other choreographer from India has ever been nominated for an Emmy. I am really happy that the entire world, especially fellow choreographers appreciated our work, and I’m incredibly thankful to NBC’s World of Dance for giving us this opportunity for global recognition.

TT: Sounds like you have some great projects in the works. Anything you’re able to tell us about? Where can people see your work next?

SM: Yes, there many great projects lined up ahead but due to confidentiality, I can’t say specifically what, but it will be announced soon! Apart from that, my team is performing at several International events and will be part of the World of Dance Tour which will be happening this year.


Keep up with Suresh on Instagram, and tune into the 2019 Emmy’s on Sunday, September 22 on FOX.

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