“Charmed” Cast Entertains Fans With Magical Panel at Wizard World Chicago

At this year’s Wizard World Chicago, Charmed fans gathered as Holly Marie Combs, Brian Krause, Drew Fuller, and Billy Zane regaled with on-set stories of the hit series that Zane refers to as, “[a] soap opera for cool people”.

The series ran from 1998 to 2006 and developed a camaraderie between the gang who appeared at the panel, cracking jokes and jabbing at each other like siblings. And, they all agree that they’re not crazy about the reboot that aired last year. However, when asked about a possibility of a follow-up featuring the original cast, Zane quipped, “There’s a better possibility of Titanic 2“.

Billy Zane and Brian Krause.

The highlight of the panel came when fans got up to ask their questions, which the cast responded to honestly and attentively – and even hilariously. When Krause was asked how his character, a dead whitelighter, could get Combs’s character pregnant, he quickly responded with, “you orbe in, you orbe out, you orbe in, you orbe out” which received laughter from both the crowd and his cast mates.

The Tidbit had the chance to ask a question to Holly Marie Combs about what she learned during her years of playing Piper Halliwell, the middle sister of the witchy trio. She expressed, “Family isn’t always blood.”

The series currently streams on Netflix, and cast members often attend Wizard World events.

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