Soundtrack of the Week: Vinyl

As you might’ve guessed from the title, this short-lived HBO show had a heavy soundtrack. The series followed execs in the 1970’s New York music industry, giving plenty of room for amazing music (and it doesn’t hurt that Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese executive produced).

There are so many outstanding tracks from this show, I don’t even know where to start. So, I’m gonna skip my standard format and give you a rundown of the best songs from the series (well, in my opinion).

  • Mama Weer All Crazee Now – Slade
  • Sugar Daddy – Sturgill Simpson
  • Life On Mars? – Trey Songz
  • Stranded in the Jungle – New York Dolls (but performed by David Johansen)
  • Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne
  • I Like It Like That – Chris Kenner
  • Yesterday Once More – The Carpenters
  • Pillow Talk – Sylvia
  • I Just Want To Make Love To You – Foghat
  • Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones
  • Ride Captain Ride – Blue Image

While there are some on the above list that hold a very special place in my heart, the standout song from Vinyl is Rave On by Buddy Holly. This hip happenin’, upbeat tune is used during a particular bone-chilling scene and somehow it works.

This show was cut-off at the knees way too soon, but that’s a whole different blog post. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the soundtrack sure is.

Be sure to follow The Tidbit’s soundtrack playlist below to hear the aforementioned songs.


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