At Wizard World Chicago, Jeff Goldblum…Uh, Finds a Way…

After years of working in the entertainment industry as both an actor and musician, the last few years have finally given Jeff Goldblum the attention and respect he deserves. This proved to be true at Wizard World Chicago this past weekend as fans lined up for an autograph and photo with Goldblum, the highlight of his appearance being a panel on Saturday afternoon.

Goldblum was as delightful and charismatic as one might imagine, as he came out on stage telling the audience that they were “beautiful”. He continued on by interacting with the crowd by asking his own questions and taking a few from the audience. One of the more memorable moments was when Goldblum played “The Six Degrees of Jeff Goldblum” with the audience.

He gave some insight into his new series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which will premiere on Disney Plus on November 12. He explained that the concept of the series is “the world through my eyes”, and focuses on one topic per episodes. Some of the topics include: jewelry (he’ll test out some grillz and had to make the teeth mold himself), barbecue, ice cream, tattoos, swimming pools, and bicycles.

He also teased a new jazz album releasing on November 1 that features exciting guest artists and a great title…all of which are currently under wraps. The panel concluded with a standing ovation before Goldblum left for more “pictures and hugs” with convention attendees.

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