Challenge: Try A New Thing Every Week

On my birthday in 2018, I decided to set a goal for myself to try a new thing every week. This decision came to mind while I was having birthday drinks with some of my favorite people at Ceres. We then discussed the ideas of what I could try: skydiving, different restaurants, travel, etc.

I came home and wrote a list of ideas (because who doesn’t sit and make lists on their birthday?) and from there I was off and running. For the next 52 weeks, I succeeded in trying a new thing every week. These new things did range from skydiving and trying to restaurants, and there were even some straight up lame “firsts” (like getting stitches for the first time.) I had a really fun time doing this, and wanted to share the challenge with all of you. So, for some inspiration, I’ve included my 10 favorite new things below – in chronological order – (the other 42 I left out since they fall under the ‘lame’ category). Some of these were on my goal list, but most of them simply just happened (and, sometimes, those were the best).

IMG_7050 (1)
Visited Ballast Point…with two other people.
IMG_9041 (1)
Visited Madison, WI.
Midlife Crisis
Jumped out of a perfectly good plane.
Tried a macaroon (yes, this should be on the ‘lame’ list, but I was excited, okay?)
Went to Little Italy Festiva in Chicago.
Interviewed one of my favorite TV Dads, Tony Danza.


Visited the Gateway Arch.
Went to a rooftop film screening.
Showed my photos in a gallery.
And finally, I did what I said I’d never do and got a tattoo. Find out why here.

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