Fremont is the Ultimate Brunch Experience


If there’s one thing us millennials agree on, it’s our love of brunch. Now, I dig brunch as much as the next guy, but the concept was taken to a whole new level one Saturday morning when I went to Fremont in River North.

A group of us gathered for my best friend’s birthday, and she had told us that it would be $20 for bottomless mimosas and $40 for the brunch buffet. What I was expecting was just standard OJ and champagne, and a buffet of bacon, eggs, pastries, and maybe a waffle maker. There was all of that, plus so much more.


The bottomless mimosas came with four juice options (orange, mango, peach, and strawberry), which kept us from getting burnt out on just orange juice. What was even more dangerous was the fact that the bottomless special ran from 10am to 4pm. Insanity ensued.

Even more impressive than that special was the crazy amounts of food the buffet offered. Everything from mini Belgian waffles, to mac and cheese, to fruit parfaits to mini lobster rolls and sliders. Oh, did a mention there was a wall of donuts?

The food was amazing, the drinks were delicious, and the atmosphere was a party. If you’re ever looking to club while you brunch, Fremont is the place to go.


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  1. Erika L. says:

    Holy cow!! I need this in my life 🙌🙌


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