Comedian Mike Marino Plans to “Make America Italian Again”

Mike Marino Arcada 2019 (32)
Mike Marino on stage at the Arcada Theatre in February 2019. Photo Courtesy of Laura Orrico.

About 25 years ago, a man by the name of Mike Marino found himself at a comedy competition at a small bar in New Jersey. Being known as a funny guy, his friends dared him to go up on stage and showcase his natural talents. In just 20 minutes, Marino was $50 richer and was hailed the best comic of the night. “From there I couldn’t put the mic down,” said Marino. “Already coming from an acting background, I found it to be an extra additive to my career as a performer.”

Mike Marino and Rebecca Ann Shoultz model Marino merch. Photo courtesy of @darkframemedia

Aside from now being a fan-favorite comedian and hailed the “Bad Boy of New Jersey”, Marino has also made quite a name for himself as an actor. His experiences on stage and screen have been an asset in developing his comedic chops. “[It’s] definitely helped me build confidence on stage and develop a stage persona,” explains Marino. This persona, coupled with constantly finding humorous material in his everyday life, has made Marino a comedic sensation. In 2019, he will be touring the United States, Canada, and Italy, where he promises fans will hear some hardcore funny stuff, with classics and new surprises. “I’m also running for President of the United States…again, for the 7th time,” says Marino, referring to his hilarious plan to “Make American Italian Again”.

Influenced by the likes of Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, and Don Rickles, Marino began taking acting classes at 16. His acting credits include: FraiserAs The World TurnsOne Life To LiveBecker, and Lucky Quarter. He most recently co-starred in the film Criticized, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime (in addition to his stand-up special, Live from the Borgata), and all 18 episodes of his web series, Make America Italian Again, can be viewed on his YouTube Channel.

Mike Marino Arcada 2019 (38)
Mike Marino with Arcada Theatre owner, Ron Onesti (right). Photo Courtesy of Laura Orrico.

Marino recently performed his latest set at the Arcada Theatre, and owner Ron Onesti had nothing but praise for his performance. “Mike Marino, a true comedy chef, takes a huge helping of raw humor, adds a large spoonful of the Old Neighborhood, a pinch of cleverness and a dash of cool, and serves up an evening of entertainment only New Jersey’s “Bad Boy” can provide!” stated Onesti. This praise was also felt in the audience, as attendee, Chris Corsello, applauded Marino’s set. “If I tell you that it was ‘just great’, I would be lying to you,” said Corsello. “It was F***ING great.”

While all of these accolades, in conjunction with selling out theaters across the country, is an outstanding accomplishment, Marino says that the best part of the gig comes from the hearts of the fans. “At the end of day, getting some of the most amazing fan mail from fans ranging from 6 years old to 90 years old, is definitely the best feeling in world,” said a humbled Marino.

Mike Marino Arcada 2019 (25)
Photo Courtesy of Laura Orrico, who is sporting Mike Marino’s signature “Make America Italian Again” t-shirt.

Marino reminds fans to follow him on social media, and join the movement to Make America Italian Again #Marino2020 #MakeAmericaItalianAgain


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