The Tidbit Reviews “My Paint By Numbers”

Disclosure statement: This post contains affiliate links, and a review of products that were supplied to The Tidbit.

The algorithmic abilities of social media are incredibly impressive (albeit, a little creepy). These ads that pop up on my social feeds sometimes know me better than I know myself. Such was the case with an ad for a product called “My Paint By Numbers“.

The concept is a paint by the numbers experience for adults, allowing them to create and de-stress. Upon exploring the website, there was a large variety of prints to pick from, many of which would create beautiful scenery from European lands. Being a lover of creativity, and a person of curiosity, I had to learn more about this painting process.

I connected with the company’s owner to learn more about the company and the products. My Paint By Numbers is the brain-child of Walter and Rebecca, a brother-sister entrepreneurial team in New York. The basis for starting a company came from Walter’s desire to “run a company that brought happiness and positive vibes to the world”. The idea of paint by number kits for adults came from Walter looking around the art in his family home, relishing in the memories of painting as a child. He determined that painting is not only fun, but therapeutic and relaxing, and a great way to bring people together. With this realization, and help from Rebecca, the company was born.

After learning all of this, I knew I had to try it out for myself. I selected the prints “Bicycles on the River” and “Paris Street After the Fresh Rain”. Both were selected because they conjured happy memories of Amsterdam and Paris, and I knew that these were items that I would want displayed in my home…assuming I could follow the directions and actually make it look like the example.

A few days later, I received the prints which consisted of the selected prints on individual canvases (note: for the frame of a canvas, you will have to order that as a separate print kit), examples of what the finished product(s) should look like, and paint and brushes for both of the prints. Each container of paint was labeled with the number that corresponded with the number on the canvas. Here is what you can expect to receive:


Excited to get to work, I sat down and didn’t pick my head up for an hour straight. I felt that it would be best to start with the darkest colors first, and then work my way up to light. So, I started with black, and after an hour, had made this progress:


The brushes can easily fray if they are not frequently cleaned off, so make sure you have a cup of water and a paper towel to rinse the brush every so often (do so even if you’re continuously using just one color).

The next two days, I put in about 5 more hours and added in more colors, and the image began to take shape. [Some things worth noting: there are some very tiny shapes to paint on this canvas, it is virtually impossible to stay inside the lines, but that’s okay! In the end it all blends together very nicely. Just be careful not to paint over the number in the shape next to whatever you’re painting. If this happens (which it did to me quite often) check the example for guidance, or just do your own thing!]


In the days after that, I was starting to get more into my light colors, which were used less frequently than the dark. After a total of about 12 hours of work, I finished painting:


Does it look identical to the example image? No, but that’s okay because it’s mine! I switched up some colors here and there based on what I was feeling and how I wanted to look. That’s the beauty of this – you have a great jumping off point and you have the option to stick exactly to the numbers or go a little off the path and add your own flair to it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys creating or are looking for a way to de-stress a bit. It can seem daunting at first, but having something to really focus on creatively does the brain good. Not to mention, it feels like a major accomplishment when you finish!

Paris, you were beautiful and fun. Now off to Amsterdam! Check out My Paint By Number’s selection of prints, and create something of your very own!

Click here to check out the selection

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