Building A Bullet Journal Planner With a Pop of Culture

As much as I try to get with the times and enter all of my engagements into Google Calendar, my heart’s desire is still in the form of a pen-to-paper planner. The problem with this is that I’m incredibly picky in terms of what set ups work for me and what don’t. Clearly the only practical solution was to build by own planner.

The best way to start with this was to pick up a bullet journal, as I knew that would give me the size, cover, and flexibility that I’d want for this project. So I went to my home planet of Michael’s and sized up their selection. I wound up picking a light gray Artist’s Loft bullet journal (which come in a variety of colors and are only $5!)

bullet journal

I then explored some set-up ideas via Pinterest and Instagram to help give me some ideas of how to design monthly and weekly spreads. I kept those fairly consistent throughout the planner, but the decorative aspect was basically like my brain exploded all over the journal (in a good way!)

I had a plethora of design stickers for the day-to-day detail, but needed a pop of culture to give it the flair that would make it my own. Naturally, I consulted Redbubble for this. If you haven’t checked it out, Redbubble has everything you could ever dream of that is pop culture-related, including a ton of fantastic stickers.

These stickers would be the covers for my monthly dividers. I decided to cover the pages in Washi tape (also purchased from Michael’s) and then place the stickers over the tape. This gave it a colorful and flashly look that separated each month.


July spread features a “Clueless” sticker and copper gold Washi tape.

I then placed a post-it sticker on the start of each month and numbered them to correspond with it’s month’s number; this makes it easy to flip to a certain month. The daily stickers and marker color choices were typically influenced by the season or a holiday that falls in the respective month (as you can see above, red and blue for July).

This was a labor of love and turned out to be more fun than I anticipated. It’s something that’s perfectly taylor-ed (see what I did there?) for me, and the system is easy to tailor it to your liking. My favorite part of the planner? The little John Mulaney quote stickers (also a Redbubble purchase) that can be found on each monthly spread.