Saying Goodbye to My 2018 Plan-ournal

You’re probably thinking, what in the world is a plan-ournal? Not only is it a word I just made up, but it’s also part of a project that I implemented throughout (most of) 2018. The concept was integrating a planner and journal into one book. My fabulous friend, Haley Plans, gave me oodles of adorable stickers, so I ran out to get a planner that was worthy of such adhesive gold.

Instead of planning out each week like a normal person, at the end of each day, I did a recap of what happened during those 24 hours with the stickers. With this, I was able to create a journal through use of a calendar and art supplies. It let me keep track of: the movies I watched, who I saw, what bills I paid, when I went to the doctor, etc. Basically the same concept of planning it in advance, but I decided to pick and choose the parts of the day that were important to me and worth remembering (I don’t really care to remember what I ate for every single meal throughout the entire year).


I got a simple and beautiful May Designs planner from Target, and most of the stickers were from Etsy. I used a variety of pens, but mainly used Huhuhero Fineliner pens (which I highly recommend!) Check out pieces of the final project; it might be something worth considering for your 2019! *Keep an eye on The Tidbit’s Instagram to see what kind of planner I have for 2019! (Also, keep me posted if you think of a better name…plan-ournal kinda sucks.)



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