The Art of a Time Capsule Journal

When I was 17, I had a nice, hardcover blue and green patterned journal that I carried with me everywhere. Of course it came along with me when I had the chance to go to London during my senior year of high school. At the end of each day, I would document the day’s events, like one would typically do with a journal. While writing one night, I had the idea of making this more than just a run-of-the-mill journal. I wanted to truly capture what was happening in my life at that point in time, but adding photos, quotes, screenshots of movies and TV shows I was interested in, a bucket list, and questions for Future Taylor.

I decided to take this, fill it up with as much as I could by the time I graduated high school, and then put it in a box for 10 years. This is how my concept of a Time Capsule Journal was born. While I cannot share photo examples of the actual journal until I turn 28, I can teach you how to make your own.


  • Start with a blank journal, one with a decent amount of pages.
  • Develop a tool box of pens, markers, stickers, photos, whatever you need to really get crafty.
  • Write a list on a scrap piece of paper of the pages you’d like to make: e.g. a bucket list, list of questions, list of your current favorite things – anything to see how you have changed over a decade of time.
  • Whenever you can, write notes to your future self and write down quotes – not only from books, songs, movies, etc. – but from everyday conversation. The little memories that you want to remember.

Once you’ve finished your journal in your allotted amount of time, grab a shoe box or a photo box and use this as a place to stash your journal for the next ten years. Put an opening in the top of the box where you can continuously add little items such as movie stubs, concert tickets, etc.

Then, when the time is up, you can open up this little gift to yourself and have a Taylor-made trip down memory lane (or a Sarah-made or a Kevin-made, whatever your name is).

Have fun creating and say hello to your Future Self for me!

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