The Tidbit’s Guide to ’90s Sitcom Locations in NYC

Last summer, I visited New York City for the very first time. Being that New York is the city that never sleeps, I had a long list of things I wanted to see during this long weekend. However, being such a film and TV nerd, I always try to see any possible filming locations while on vacation. Naturally, this is what I did my first full day in the city.

So many iconic movies and television shows take place in New York. And, it just so happens, that two of my all-time favorite sitcoms are set in The Big Apple – Friends and Seinfeld. While the shows themselves were obviously filmed in Los Angeles, some of the legendary exterior shots still exist in the city.

There likely is not an episode of Friends where they don’t show the outside of Monica and Rachel’s “apartment building.” Again, their “apartment” was on a soundstage, but the exterior shown on TV sits on the corner of Bedford and Grove (near Greenwich Village.) And although the show went off the air 14 years ago (good God) the building still looks as it does on television. In addition, the show is still a big part of fan’s lives, as many photo-snapping tourists were hanging around to get their picture.


Another sitcom that holds an important place in my heart is the incomparable Seinfeld. In basically each episode of the series, the gang meets up at Monk’s Restaurant (frequently referred to as the coffee shop.) The exterior of this establishment is really called Tom’s Restaurant, and while the outside is recognizable from the show, the inside is nothing like the set which apparently disappoints tourists. Regardless, they appreciate the fame that the show brought to the restaurant as they have banners on the patio with each characters’ name on them.


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