Warner Bros. Studio is the Movie Lover’s Happiest Place on Earth

By now, you may have an inkling that I’m a fan of film and television. This fan-dimonium is always exacerbated when I have the opportunity to visit Los Angeles, which is basically the holy grail of entertainment. I’ve been there a total of five times since 2011 and love it more each time I go. And, (almost) every time I’ve visited, I’ve made it a point to stop by what I’ve determined is my Happiest Place on Earth: Warner Bros. Studios.

Located in Burbank, CA, the studio features a large back lot with sound stages galore. Upon entering the studio, it immediately hits you just how much cinematic history has taken place on the 62-acre lot. When the tour begins, you’re ushered into a small screening room where you’re shown a delightful series of Warner Bros.’ productions (one of my personal favorites being a Vinny Barbarino clip from Welcome Back, Kotter).

You then head outside with your tour guide and group and hop aboard a Warner Bros. golf cart. From there, you’re taken on a journey that differs each time. Visitors are shown the filming locations of their favorite shows and movies, including Friends and the original Batman series. One of my favorite moments was stumbling upon the house used as the exterior on Growing Pains.

The two hour tour is a dream experience for any movie-lover, and no two tours are exactly alike. And, as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, check out the gallery below for a sneak peek at what you can expect to see on this amazing tour.


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